Business Remittance

" There is a smarter way to make international business payments."

You don't need to rely on the banks to transfer money abroad. We can help you keep your costs down, processes simple and take the hassle out of your international business payments.

Reduced Cost

" We'll keep your currency exchange costs down "

  • Positive impact on the bottom line of your business because we do not charge unnecessary fees and offer competitive rates of exchange. We believe in offering excellent value for money, regardless of the size of your company
  • Proactive management of your account means you can make an international payment when the market swings in your favour.
  • Solutions for all your business currency needs combined with a first-class currency service that is tailored, proactive and professional.

Simple business payments

" We make international business payments simple "

Send, receive and convert your business currency using your online, international payment account or with the help of our Business Account Management team.

Out process:

Our business process is very simple

  • Set up the business account
  • Make the payment via online system
  • We transfer the funds to your desiredplace

We provide 7day business support to all our business customers